Cars From A Woman’s Perspective gives women a voice in automotive and explores the lifestyle aspect of cars that women love! Founded by reality TV producer and automotive journalist, Alissa Barry Tyler, this female-friendly community aims to change how women view the car industry, and change how women are viewed in the car industry. Welcome to my world!


Tired of Googling ‘women and cars’ only to find scantily-clad women posing with their butts out, I decided to create a voice that the rest of us can jive with.


To inspire female car fans with fun video and written content focusing on lifestyle segments, interviews with pros, behind-the-wheel experiences, performance technology, dream cars, car shows, general mechanics knowledge and tutorials on car maintenance.


1984 Porsche 944

It all started when my 8-year-old eyes first gazed upon the used Porsche 944 that my dad came home with one day. I immediately understood that having this car was going to be more fun than Disneyland. Driving was now exciting and fun, it was ‘taking a ride’ in the true sense of the phrase. My Godfather added fuel to the fire, after showing up to my eighth grade graduation party in his red Ferrari Testarossa. “Who brought the space ship?” After that, my Godfather earned the title, “Fairy Godfather”, which still stands today.

Alissa_F2000Growing up, I was the girl with Lamborghini posters on my walls and model cars on my shelves. As an adult, cars are still my ultimate drug and I’ve gone crazy imposing my opinions of them on the world via a TV show now.Cars I’ve driven run the gamut from luxury cars to electric cars on and off road courses, race tracks and rally courses. I’ve found that many people share my passion for cars and it’s been a pleasure being a voice for women and making new like-minded friends.


Thank you. Welcome new friends!
For Brands:
Brands who want to connect with the sacred feminine that is the female-majority-household-purchaser, should contact me directly via the Contact form! (Yes, we know it’s true and we bask in all our glory of it!) CFAWP offers unrivaled opportunities for lifestyle brand awareness online, and on the TV show.

For Bloggers:
For women who have a car story to share, or men who have an empowering car story involving women, submit your story via the Submit A Story form! I can’t wait to hear it!

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Aw, shucks, I’m flattered! Please, submit your show ideas to me via the Contact form. I’m always open to exploring story topics closest to your heart.

2016 SEMA 

CFAWP loves to help spread awareness for charities that benefit women! I’m hosting my first charity benefit after 2016 SEMA with Cupcakes Magazine! The celebrity event benefits Purple W.I.N.G.S for at-risk women, helping them exit the life of sex trafficking. The event will take place at Ventano Italian Grill in Las Vegas and will feature Scott L. Swartz (Boomer from Ocean’s 11, 12, 13), the Ford Torino from the movie Starksy & Hutch will be on site along with the owner of the car, plus a red carpet and media wall and VIP tickets available for dinner.

DATE:  Monday, November 7, 2016
TIME:  1-4pm
LOCATION:  Ventano Italian Grill

To RSVP for early tickets, please fill out the Contact page with your name, email, include
“RSVP me!” in the message.